Thursday, 12 December 2013

Good Brows: A Guide

BIG brows have been in the fashion spotlight for several seasons and, now that you've grown them out, the key is to keep them full but tidy. Autumn/winter 2013's handsome beauty looks were always underpinned by a pair of strong and well-groomed brows, with Stella McCartney, Chloe, Balmain and Victoria Beckham showcasing the most stylish examples.
And the "natural look" is no longer enough - brow make-up is essential for truly polished results.
"Pencils are great for women who want to draw in shape - filling brows will make them look fuller and define your eye area," says Shavata Singh, owner of Shavata Brow Studio. "To apply, use soft, sweeping movements."
Even women with naturally thick brows should use brow colour for added depth - just pick a colour close to your own to fill in gaps and enhance shape. To complete the look, and for extra polish, eyebrow gel will hold hairs neatly in place all day.
But the ultimate building block for great brows is paying them plenty of attention - and seeking the help of a brow expert is a good start. Having your brows professionally shaped will provide the perfect base for a style that complements your own face and eye shape. From there, you can carry on the good work yourself. And work it is - maintenance should be daily, according to Singh: "It's a lot easier to tweeze one or two stray hairs everyday and maintain the correct shape, than doing it once a week."

Here are the tools and products selected by Vogue UK:


MAC’s wax-style Brow Finisher provides the ultimate polished hold for unruly brows.

MAC Brow Finisher. £13; available


With three long-wearing powders, two precise applicators, tweezers and a magnifying mirror, this kit is all you need for on-the-go brow beauty.

Chanel Le Sourcil De Chanel Perfect Brows. £43; available at


Groomed brows in an instant - just fill in and define with the pencil end and brush through for a natural finish.

Lancôme Le Crayon Sourcils. £16; available

Bobbi Brown

This tinted cream-gel - available in five different shades - fills in colour while keeping brows neat and tidy.

Bobbi Brown Natural Brow Shaper & Hair Touch Up. £15; available at


With two shades, Dusk and Dawn, this pencil is perfect for creating a natural look - just use the darker colour to define and the lighter colour to highlight.

Shavata Double-Ended Pencil. £8.50; available

How do you keep your brows in shape? Do you have any favourite products? I was thinking of doing permanent make up, so I wouldn't have to do my brows every day. That would be so much easier. Well I got already a voucher so in January I will be heading to beautician:-) I will definitely share my experience with you. 



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