Thursday 26 June 2014

Autumn/ Winter Make up trends

'Be yourself' was an underlying theme for the New York Fashion Week F / W 2014 nd underpins the freedom and identity feeling of just being in urban New York.

Here are the main looks.

Vintage Eye-Cons

And suddenly there was Birgitte Bardo 2.0 back on track. A modern twist on the look Birgitte Bardot made ​​so famous in the 60's. The eyes are framed with lightweight, long lashes at the top, while  the lower lashes are more pronounced.  Fresh-colored cheeks match the bright and light glossy lips in the nude. 
At Marc Jacobs eyebrows were bleached and then colored in the same shade as the wigs for a term which takes us right back to the 60's.

Rock It!

This is the kind of eye makeup you should wear with confidence and a good dose of rock and roll attitude. The key with this look is that it looks a bit random, a bit like when you wake up after a good party and makeup is smeared slightly outward in a flattering way. The main focus is the eyes that are dark and mysterious, with thin lines above the eye and more shade, color and effect under the eye. The skin is kept fresh with only light contouring and lips are nude or light pink colored.

Blurred (Lip)Lines

Smokey eye most people have heard about and if there was something similar for your lips so it must be this look. As tinted eyes lips in slightly different shades dusted onto the lip edge, they are soft and textured. The eyes are highlighted with mascara and light shimmer on the eyelids, and cheeks are blushing a light colour.

Different Strokes

It was something different and exotic about how eye shadows and liner were streaked over the eyelids this season. From thick, marked stripes on an Noten Dries to the fine and thin lines at Mara Hoffman, Zac Posen and Anthony Vaccarello. The key is to balance these lines with the shape of your face, so it is not overwhelming, but futuristing and exciting twist on the makeup look with exotic references.

Arch Madness

This fall / winter season really put weight on, more than ever before, how eyebrows alone convey emotion, attitude and expression. For instance, one by changing the shape, thickness or length convey a more specific or more sexy look.

Sculptural Beauty

Forget to apply foundation with the aim of having a steady tone all over your face. Now different shades mixed and placed strategically on the face, along with highlighter to create a perfectly sculpted face. This is a softer version of the sculpture no one saw in the 90s, using a much more neutral color palette and strategic use of highlighter.

Eye've Got The Blues

Blue usually associated with summer, but for the fall / winter 2014 models wore surprisingly dark and intense shades of blue. Sometimes the color metallic, other times more matte, whatever brings this color positive energy and a little extra light to dark winter days.

Do you have any fav one? To be honest I don't like only one trend: Eye've Got The Blues. The rest are beautiful and so, so sexy:-)

Lots of love



  1. loving the makeup x

  2. Love the new make up trends

  3. Rock it! is my favourite <3

  4. Great post! I enjoyed this one so much. Already looking forward to your next one.

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  5. I like them all especially the sculptural beauty one!
    Thanks for stopping by!


  6. First make up for me, pretty.
    See you soon

  7. Gorgeous! The first one is my favorite! :)

  8. Beautiful post and very inspiring for make up!!
    Kisses darling.

    Alicia & Sofía

  9. beautiful. i like the first one, it is more of my kind of makeup.


  10. Awesome trends. Thx for sharing, my love.


    Happy weekend,


  11. Thanks for showing this wonderful trends! Now I hope only that I will be able to transfer them to my own face as I'm not really skilled in doing a makeup :)

    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

    1. you have to try and I'm sure you'll manage to make one day the make up you always wanted


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