Friday, 26 April 2013


Did you hear about Brazilian  Star Models  agency which started campaign against anorexia? They called it "You are not a sketch

I bet many of you follow fashion like me. All we do is look at models and we hope that we could look as good as them, but this is not right!!!So many of them look like they need a proper meal. What can we do about that? To be honest not much. These are the fashion world standards. 

This is not the first initiative of Star Models agency. A while ago they decided not to hire models in size 0. Unfortunately this is the current standard...Even Coco Chanel said once that her clothes look better on a skinny girl, well it was ages ago and still fashion world didn't change:-( Fair play to the Star Models agency that they are trying to change that. It's a pity that not many followed their initiative:-(

Their campaign shows how different anorexic girl looks like from the girl on the sketch. The one on the left is drawn by the designer and the girl on the right is the one who hardly looks like a healthy person.
Liz Osborne-Leavell, one of the initiators of that campaign said in one interview that: "This campaign is to show people from the fashion industry, that current standards are sick! We need to make little girls to be aware of the fact that Barbie doesn't have the real perfect size, and that they don't need to look like her in the future."

Hope we will see more agencies to follow Star Models campaign. Good luck  xxx



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  5. Amazing! I find it hard to believe that these girls are really not sketches, they are beyond sick! I find it even harder to believe that designers hire people who look like that! This really should change and I hope so too that this initiative starts a revolution in fashion. x

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  6. These are quite scary! I do agree that health comes before fashion - but I also think some people are quick to look at a thin model and say "eating disorder" We need more balance and realize that humans come in all shapes and sizes and that that's ok.

    ♥ Paula Shoe Fiend.


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