Tuesday, 4 June 2013


Hiya All,

You won't believe what just has happened. I've been nominated to the Liebster Award again. Yupi, I'm such a happy bunny. 

I would like to say a big thank you to Thestyletographer girls for nomination. This blog is being done by three best friends from Mexico, so make sure to check their blog:-) 

For those who never heard about that awards Liebster Award is given to bloggers with less than 200 followers in order to give them a better chance to be recognised in the bloggers world:-) What you have to do is to say 11 things about yourself and you have to answer 11 questions which came from the person who nominated you. Then you should nominate blogs of your choice (no tag backs) and ask your nominees 11 questions as well:-)

So here are 11 things about myself:

1. I'm a  Polish girl living in Dublin
2. I moved to Ireland in 2005 just to visit my sister. It meant to be a short holiday (I planned only a month spending in here)
3. The name of my blog describes what I like the most -> chic lifestyle, which consist the love to fashion, beauty, diy and good food
4. When I was a teenager I used to skate board
5. I used to play hand ball, tennis and then I fell in love with volleyball
6. I used to play in Aer Lingus team in Dublin, we were in the premier division league. 
7. Not sure who said that being active is healthy.............I had my knee surgery in 2010 and since then I'm not able to play volleyball;-(
8. Few months after my knee surgery together with my husband we became a BIKRAM YOGIS :-)
9. I like hip-hop and R&B music
10. I'm addicted to Fast & Furious movies
11. One day I would like to be an interior designer, because I love decorating my house.

Here are the questions asked by the styletgrapher

1. What inspires you? I think my life and people who surround me. I always try to achieve my dreams/ life goals 
2. Who you look up to? My family
3.What's your favorite song of all times? OMG I couldn't pick one, but when the weather is so nice like today I'd love to listen to Bob Sinclair "Love Generation", it makes me happy 
4. Music or movies? R&B and hip-hop I love to listen to, but I also love The script:-) Movies- Fast & Furious is my addiction
5. What's your favorite place in the world? I didn't travel around the world so it's hard to say, but the most beautiful place I#ve been too recently was Iquazu Falls in Brasil.
6. What's your favorite post of our blog The Styletograpger? I will be cheeky and I will say the Liebster Awards:-p
7. What's your personal style? Chic, girly but comfy look. When I go out I like the sexy look.
8. What do you fear the most? The day when I loose my parents
9. What you aspire to be? I want to be as best as I can be in what I do. 
10. Why do you have a blog? I like to share my interest. I'm very chatty person so my bog gives me the chance to talk to you guys and it allows me to meet new people. It also give me some fashion inspirations from other bloggers. 
11. If you could travel in time, where would you go? I'd like to come back to the time when my parents were growing. I'd like to see what life they've had.

I think you will get to know me much better now:-) 

Here are my nominees:


And here are my questions:
1. Where do you from?
2. What is your favourite fashion piece?
3. What is you fashion dream?
4. What do you have in your beauty case?
5. Where did you go recently?
6. What type of food do you like the most?
7. What is your favourite drink?
8. Do you have any phobia?
9. What would you do if you won a lotto?
10. What is your blog about?
11. Who is your favourite blogger?

Thank you again:-)



  1. Congratulations dear! It´s fantastic! :)


    1. I know I was like what? me? It's so nice

  2. Congrats you deserve it.

  3. congrats!!


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