Raf Simons’s couture show for Dior, presented in Paris on Monday, featured sexy off-the-shoulder dresses, draped fabrics, and music from Yeezus.
Women of the world, or more specifically women from the world of couture, were Raf Simons’s inspiration for his Fall 2013/Winter 2014 Dior collection presented in Paris early Monday.
For his American client he included a bold sportiness, an Asian influence was evident in the construction of garments and high-tech fabrics, and Africa was his reference for playfulness and color. But for Europe, he looked to La Parisienne—a nod to the history of the house. Couture might not have a commercial reality, but Simons did what every good designer should do: he thought of his customer first.
All this translated into quite the modern wardrobe, sending traditional theatrics and costumes out the window. Instead, this was fresh and quite sexy: dresses were off the shoulder, fabric was draped and clung to the body, skirts were split, and sheer panels were used—all wrapped up in a nice ladylike Dior package, of course.

“My main aim is to bring a sense of reality back to haute couture,” Simons said in the media release. “This collection is about focusing on the reality of the woman herself, including her culture and personality; it is not the reality of just wearing the clothes but how a woman chooses to wear them; the liberation of choice and reflecting who she actually is.”

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Source: http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2013/07/01/raf-simons-s-fw-2013-2014-haute-couture-dior-collection.html

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