Monday, 15 July 2013


Hiya All,

I just found out that Jackie Harrison just nominated me in the beauty blogger tag.
Here is Jackie's blog: , so make sure to check it out:-)

So here are the rules of this tag:
1.State this tag was created by
2. Tag some more Beauty Bloggers
3. Title this as I've have done to show what the Tag  its about.
4. Answer the questions


Q.Name the beauty routine you barely do!

For a last good few months I hardly touch my eye brows- I want 

them to grow back. I'd like to have much ticker eye brows, so 

believe me this is not easy.

Q.Is washing your makeup brushes something you regularly do?

I will lie if I say yes, but I do try to wash them regularly, but it 

happens sometimes that I will forget about it. So what I do I leave 

them in my bathroom when I come back from work, and before I go 

to bed they are washed and ready for the next day:-) 

Q. How long will you last with chipped nail varnish?

I guess not more than a day, I hate the way it looks.

Q. How long will you put off buying/ replacing a beauty or nail 

polish product even if you need it( I.e. top coat, foundation, ect.)

I think I never run out of foundation, I always buy a new once 

when I can see I'm nearly done. I think I'm a  make up junky now. I 

never went to work without make up. I think I don't like not having 

my beauty products. I always have to have them, maybe nail 

varnish. But still I have good few of them, so if I run out of one I 

have some other ones.

Q. What is my worst beauty habit?

I'm not sure, but I always make sure that I'm not smelly (the smell

of sweat makes me sick) when we have a summer. I drives me mad 

when I people are so smelly. I would rather take a shower twice to 

avoid that.

Q. Name something non-beauty related you put off doing all the 


Checking my weight. Now, while I'm pregnant I'm doing it every 

day, but it happens that I avoid checking it cos I feel like an 

elephant...... I know I'm mad but this is what I'm scared off - putting 

to much weight on during pregnancy. What I hate the most is 

dentist. I'm like a baby, I know I have to go but I'm so scared that I 

always wait when I really have to go.

Q. When going out somewhere do you leave getting ready to the 

last minute or not?

Not a chance!  I enjoy the routine, most of the time I'm wondering 

around the house, sip a drink or listen to the music. The make up 

part doesn't last longer than 30 minutes. I spend most of that time 

on my eyes trying to do something different. If I'm meeting with my 

girls I like to be on time

Q. Can you submit spending bans?

Not at the moment. We're saving like crazy for the house, but if I 

could I would spend a lot:-)

Q. How organised is your makeup and nail polish collection?

I have them in one of my drawers so they are pretty organised I 


Q. What is the longest time you have gone without writing a blog 


I guess not longer than 4 days. Now I tend to do it every two days

The list of Bloggers I like to tag:

The Sixth Tractate

Barbara Materi

Tag is to get to know each other a little more like now you know a 

little more about me.

Answers the question above I'm looking forward to reading the 

answers. feel free to comment on my answers. 

Lots of love to all the beauty addicts



  1. Great job love your answer your personality shows through.

  2. Very fun to read this :-)

  3. Thank you darling!! That's very sweet!! ;-)


  4. Love your tags, sweety.

    Have a Lovely week,


  5. Cześć Ewelina :)
    dodałem Twój blog :) . Co do linka na fb to
    a Twój fanpage? :)

  6. Hello my dear,thank you somuch for the choosing me!you are the best!many many kisses!


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