Sunday, 25 August 2013

A little trip to the Library in the Trinity College

The Trinity College Library, located at Trinity CollegeDublin, is the largest library in Ireland. As a "copyright library", it has legal deposit rights for material published in the Republic of Ireland; it is also the only Irish library to hold such rights for the United Kingdom.
The library is also the permanent home to the famous Book of Kells. Two of the four volumes are on public display, one opened to a major decorated page and the other to a typical page of text. The volumes and pages shown are regularly changed. 
The library began with the founding of Trinity College in 1592. In 1661, Henry Jones presented it with the Book of Kells, its most famous manuscript.James Ussher (1625–56), Archbishop of Armagh, whose most important works were "Veterum Epistolarum Hibernicarum Sylloge", published in 1632, and "Brittanicarum Ecclesiarum Antiquitates", which appeared in 1639, left his valuable library, comprising several thousand printed books and manuscripts, to Trinity College, Dublin, and his complete works were published by that institution in twenty-four volumes.
The main chamber of the old library, the Long Room, was built between 1712 and 1732 and houses the library's oldest books. By the 1850's the room needed to be expanded as the shelves were filled, and so the roof was raised to accommodate an upper gallery.
In 1801, the library was given legal deposit rights, making it the only Irish library to have such rights for the United Kingdom.

Living in Dublin since 2005 this place was on my list. I always wanted to see it. I've seen pictures from the inside and it looked impressive. So both with my husband we decided it's time to go, no more excuses  It's so close and it cost 8 euro to visit it.  

I found some pictures of the old pictures of the Library; see below:

This is how it currently looks like

I have to say that the Library itself looks impressive. It's very big and the amount of the old books on the shelves....... It feels like you are in the Harry Potter movie. The only disappointment for me was no access to the upper level. I always want to go where I'm not allowed too:-( Any way here are some snaps from the inside.

The place is amazing and I couldn't waste such an opportunity for doing a pictures:-) I prepared for you a look for a sightseeing in style:-) Hope you will like it 

On the way out from the complex we've noticed that there was a wedding there. You know me..I couldn't resist. Check out those cool cars....

Hope you are enjoying your Sunday. I'm back to my diy. Will catch up with you later on this day. Now I'm becoming girly Bob the Builder:-)


p.s. I was wearing MK jacket, bag & watch, VER top (I got it in Argentina), ZARA trousers, Mango and River Island bangles, New Look necklace, Mango sunglasses and Dunnes stores boots.


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