Friday, 27 December 2013

old frame

Hi All,

I know it's after xmas, but I still have few decorations to share with you. You can easily use them not only during the festive season. This frame can be used to decorate your room:-)

I've had at home piece of stripey material I bought a while ago and an old leather frames that I didn't use. I'm not even sure where I got the wooden angel. Well as I said I like to recycle:-)

This DIY is very simple and it will take you few minutes to convert your old frames :-)

So what you need:
- piece of material
- scissors
- ribbon
- decorative piece- Wooden angel, bow
- white pain

First of all I used white paint to change the colour of the wooden angel. You can use any paint you have at home.

Then I've cut a piece of material (it doesn't have to be straight, so don't worry if it's not). Make sure to wrap tightly frame with your material.

Then you can get creative :-)

You should know me by now- i'm a fan of simple things:-)

Hope ya liked it


  1. This looks easy and cute great job thanks for sharing.

  2. so pretty, great job!

  3. Looks great, thank you for the tip:)




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