Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Michel Mercier Detangling Brush- review

Michel Mercier Detangling Brush For Normal Hair Green is a patented, award-winning hair brush specially designed to effortlessly remove tangles from normal hair.

Internationally acclaimed hair stylist Michel Mercier was first struck by the pain and problems caused by tangled hair whilst brushing the hair of his 12 year old daughter who, like many other girls, would show visible discomfort during the process. Aware that this discomfort was not confined to children alone, Michel set about creating a brush that would make daily brushing a more pleasant experience and less damaging to hair.

Unlike any other brush on the market, Detangling Brush For Normal Hair Green features a multi-patented design with 428 bristles at varying heights and widths which glide effortlessly through tangles without breaking or damaging the hair. 

Ergonomically designed with a handle, Detangling Brush For Normal Hair Green is suitable for hair that is not too fine or coarse. It is even gentle enough to tackle hair extensions and real or synthetic wigs.

Suitable on wet or dry hair and straight or curly styles, Detangling Brush For Normal Hair Green leaves hair looking perfectly groomed and free from tangles whilst preventing damage and split ends.
There are Michel Mercier Detangling Brushes also available that are designed specifically for fine or thick hair.

Michel Mercier, a new detangling hair brush is available in three varieties, each suited to a different hair type.  To choose the right brush for your hair, you simply need to check which colour you’re picking up:  Pink = Fine Hair, Green = Normal Hair, Blue = Thick or Afro Hair.  The difference between the three varieties lies in the flexibility of the bristles used.  The coarser the hair type, the more rigid the bristles need to be in order to combat the tangles.
The brush is made up of a patented system which involves placing 428 bristles (who wants to count ‘em?) positioned at different heights across the surface with a unique geometric distribution which helps to disperse the pressure placed on hair during brushing.

I got that brush a long time ago, but I wanted to use it. I mean really use it before I could say whether it works for me or not. During the pregnancy I was loosing my hair and I really got frustrated each time when i looked at my brush. I found it painful and hard to detanlge my dump hair. I came across  this brush on the internet- don't ask me where I found it, cos I don't remember. I really like it. It's so much easier to brush my hair (theay are always dump),. It's less painful and I'm not breaking my hair. I would really recommend it for girls who struggle to brush their hair just after washing. 

Did you hear about that brush? If so what do you think



  1. I need to get myself one I get the worst tangles due to my hair being natural curly.

    1. then definitely u should have a look on that one:-) Hope it will help ya

  2. I don't hear about this brush but looks so good!

  3. That brush looks great and unlike the tangle teezer, this one might not always fly out of my hands when brushing lol :)

    Greetings from London,

  4. Happy 2014 dear!!! As usual, a really worth seeing post. Looks like a great product to try. Excited for your next post already!

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  5. I need this brush


  6. wow! :O :)

  7. i need this. My hair gets so tangle so easily.


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  9. I need one of those! nice post and review! :)

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  10. interesting blog. It would be great if you can provide more details about it. Thanks you

  11. very interesting post!


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