Friday, 3 January 2014

retro chested drawer- my DIY project

Hiya All,

I have for ya the last DIY from 2013:-) As I promised here is my "retro chested drawer"

A while ago we got a chested drawer from IKEA. I liked the fact that it was pine- wooden chested drawer in IKEA is not the easiest to find. I wanted to have something simple but functional. This unit meant to be for the dinning room, so I needed space for all the dinning room essentials. Plus I was looking for something that I could put a stamp on it.

Here is what I used for my DIY:
- IKEA chest of drawers. You can find it here
- wallpaper glue
- chrome door handles
- white primer
- white paint (I wanted to paint it white in the first place, but then I changed my mind)
- grey paint
- top coat
- damp cloat

What I did first is I used the primer, as I mentioned before I wanted to pain my chest of drawer in white. Then I changed my mind and I decided to get creative. Well I never used a wallpaper before on the woooden unit, so this time I was awallpaper virgin;-) 

Any way, once the white primer was dry I started with my drawers. 
The next step is to cut the wallpaper pieces that will cover the front of each drawer. Once you have them ready you can start the fun with glue. This is a very messy job- one tip- use a damp cloth to wipe the drawer once you glued the wallpaper. It will help to remove the bubbles of air.

The last step is to paint your drawers with the top coat. I wanted to make sure that the wallpaer won't get dirty too quickly and hopefully it will last long. 

One I finished with my drawers I used a grey paint. Two coats of paint should be enought, then at least two coats of top coat. 

The last thing is door handles. You can see on the picture that I didn't have enough:-(

Here is the final resul. Let me know what do you think

Hope that 2014 will be better than 2013. All the best for my readers


  1. Wonderful advise...
    kiss from

  2. Great job!
    I`m your new follower № 310) Hope you follow me back)

  3. You are very creative and make it look so easy I could do it and I 'm not that great in diy. Have a awesome weekend.

    1. thx Jackie. It's not that hard as it sounds.

  4. Wow, that looks SO great! Could you do one for me as well? ;)

    XO Jecky

  5. That was a really nice idea, it looks so much better now <3


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