Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Cleansing wipes, the dirty truth

Wipes were once the preserve of the baby changing table but in today's household you're likely to find wipes in every corner of the home and it is the beauty routine which has seen the biggest change.
With that, we'll probably start to see a change to the nation's skin too - and not necessarily a good one says skin expert 
Caroline Hirons : "I can spot a woman that uses a cleansing cloth a mile off, it just looks like they haven't washed their face properly. There will be residue around the hairline and her skin will look like it's in dire need of some exfoliation."
Sarah Chapman , beauty specialist, skincare expert and founder of Skinesis agrees: "I see a lot of women with skin that's become blocked, sensitised and covered in rashes because of cloths come into my clinic. In a nutshell I am not a fan."
The reason for cleansing wipes' aggravating nature is tri-fold. Firstly, most wipes contain alcohol, to help the wipe hold onto ingredients. Secondly, they don't actually clean the face completely; they don't lift off oil and sebum properly, won't remove dirt in its entirety and tend to leave a residue on skin. Thirdly the ingredients and chemicals  are extremely irritating for skin."
Also we tend to press harder with a cloth than we would with a cream cleanser and it exacerbates the situation. If you have acne or sensitivity - particularly on the cheeks - a wipe does far more harm than good.

Are you using face wipes. Hope this article will make you to consider ditching them. I always have face wipes in my car, but I use them to wipe my hands.

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  1. Totally agree


  2. I use wipe but not a big believer that it takes all residue of makeup off I agree but if a person come homes late and does not have strength to take off makeup
    that is when the wipes comes in handy better take makeup off than not at all. In other days use a cleanser that remove and clean face very well.
    Great post doll.

    1. hi hi I agree who has a strength to get rid of that make up. although few times I was wondering how I did that :-p

  3. Great post dear! I do use wipes, but I wash my face after using it. I believe that's ok, right? :-)
    *Thanks for the info.*

    1. I suppose this is better than wipes only

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  5. I don't use cleansing wipes for that very reason!
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  6. I used them before and avoiding them has made a huge difference! Great post! ;)

  7. I use cleansing wipes when I travel!! Great informative post!

    Thanks a lot for your sweet comment on my blog!! I'm following you now on gfc, bloglovin, google+ and facebook!

    Have a blessed day! :)

  8. So nice! Thanks for comments)

  9. Thanks a lot - now I think it's okay that I don't use cleansing wipes :)

    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena
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  11. Luckily I do not use wipes on my face, but thanks for the tip!


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