Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Am I a "little" MAC addict?????

Hi All,

I always say that I'm a big fan of MAC cosmetics. Some say that you pay for the brand, it's in fashion to have MAC cosmetics.... All I say to this is: BLAH, BLAH, BLAH!!!!!!!!!!!

I use them, cos they actually do their job. Well they are fine for my skin. Any way I'm not going to advertise them, but I want to share what I got recently:-) I'm always a happy bunny when I walk in to MAC shops.

I got two new shades. The one on the left (it's called CORK) I use for my brows and the one on the right is my eye shadow (it's called WEDGE). I only use one for my daily make up (plus I also add brown eye liner).

This is handy to have. This palette will keep your shades safe and clean:-) or should i say- in one piece.

CONCEALER- as a mother I cannot live without concealer. I have really bad dark circles under eyes.

This is something I cannot live without! I love it! I'm using my Fix + spray to finish off my make up. It leaves my skin hydrated and make up looks more natural. This is a MUST HAVE for me.

This is the latest discovery:-) I have a feeling I will use it for ages. This Mascara actually does what it says. Finally I have black and long lashes! Woooohoooo to that.

Anybody else is as addicted to MAC as I am? I think I have to show ya what I carry in my make up bag. It's a bit heavy.... hi hi



  1. The Pro Longwear concealer and the Fix+ are also two must haves on my stash! You did a great shopping :) Kisses!

  2. Mac rocks the prime mist spray is awesome.

  3. This brand is addictive! ;)

  4. i love this brand

  5. So lovely! Thank you for sharing this to us. Hope you have a fun-filled Friday! :)

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  6. MAC is really a wonderful brand and I would love to own what you show here :)
    xx from Germany/Bavaria, Rena

  7. hahaha I feel you girl ^^
    xoxo Marie


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