Friday, 22 May 2015

Brilliant Uses for Baby Powder You’ve Never Considered

Baby powder is not just for babies. This sweet smelling white powder can do so much more than simply ward off diaper rash. In fact, there are many different uses for baby powder that you probably never considered.
The best part is that baby powder is relatively inexpensive.  Baby powder has so many uses that you’ve probably never even though.


Make a dry shampoo

You just sprinkle it onto your comb and then run the comb through your hair to the roots. It removes oil and grease and makes your hair look freshly washed. Plus, it smells great so your hair will smell freshly washed, too. This works really well for blondes (or greys). If you are a brunette, add just a touch of cocoa powder to the baby powder before combing it through. Redheads can add a bit of cinnamon. Not only will your hair look great, it will smell amazing and stay that way until your next shower.

Plump Eyelashes

Before you apply mascara, dust just a tiny bit of baby powder on your lashes. The result is plumper lashes that look longer and fuller. While you’re at it, use baby powder to set your makeup. By removing facial oils, baby powder helps to keep your makeup intact all day or all night. 

Baby powder can also be mixed with makeup that is a bit too dark. If your contour powder is a shade or two too dark for instance, just mix in a bit of baby powder to lighten it up.

Soothe Dry Skin

Baby powder can work much like a moisturizer to help soothe extra dry skin. If you have rough patches on your feet, elbows, or anywhere else, just rub a bit of baby powder into those areas. While it does remove moisture, baby powder on its own is great for helping your skin to feel smoother and less irritated. It’s a great solution for cracked heels and other skin irritations. After all, you use it on your baby so why wouldn’t it be safe for you? Keep it on hand throughout the summer and winter months when your skin tends to get really dried out.

Make deodorant

You just sprinkle a handful of baby powder into the palm of your hand and rub it into your underarms. It works great to eliminate sweaty odors and baby powder naturally absorbs moisture so it will keep you dry and fresh all day. Did we mention that it also smells amazing?

Do you use baby powder too? I have to start using it. Even though I have a baby at home, I only used it few times. I guess it's time to start using it, and save some money:-)

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  1. Wow I did not know you could make deodorant with it helpful post. Have a great weekend.

    1. me neither. I was like , whaaaaaaat. You must be joking

  2. I've just realized that I need to buy it again. I like to use it as a dry shampoo and since I'm blonde, it blends really well. I had no idea that it can be used for dry skin and as a deodorant, I must try that too! Thanks for the tips and have a lovely weekend! :)

  3. Wonderful tips; I've only heard of using it as a dry shampoo :) xx Maja

  4. Wow! Love this! Thanks for sharing!!

    Kisses from Miami!
    xx, Shay

  5. Hi! Wow! Very good tool.

    With love, Nastya Deutsch ♡

  6. I am completely in-love with this post! Happy Monday dear! :)


  7. I am completely in-love with this post! Happy Monday dear! :)



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