Tuesday 15 January 2013

Cosy outfit for chilly days

Hi All,

I have another outfit idea for you.To be honest with you I find it hard to decide what to wear as the weather changes in Ireland so quickly.This outfit will keep you nice and cosy and still you will feel feminine. A few layers will keep you not only warm but also they will give your outfit a bit of edge. You can get rid of one layer and you will still look interesting. A furry waistcoat can play a role of a coat or jacket. Underneath a see through shirt combined with a gold jumper creates a very soft look and I think it's very girly.

(On above picture: Zara skirt, Gstar boots, Mango belt, Jcrew shirt, Topshop jumper, Awear sleevless furry waistcoat and Michael Kors watch)

Here is a bit closer look what's under waistcoat:


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