Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Coffee body scrub

Hi All,

Hope you are keeping well:-D
Yesterday I did a homemade coffee body scrub and I tought I will share my recipe with you.


- filtered ground coffee (already used)
- brown sugar
- honey
- pinch of salt
- baby oil/ or  olive oil (I've used mix of coconut, grape seed and almond oil)
- a bowl


Put your ground coffee into a bowl. I don't use any measurements, as I'm adding ingredients as I go. To be honest you can't go wrong with this recipe, so be creative. Little tip in here, I use fork to mash coffee.


Add a pinch of salt (roughly teaspoon of salt)


Add your oil. I've added about 100 ml of my oil mix


Add fine sugar, about the same amount as coffee


I like to add a bit of honey to make it more sticky. Don't affraid to put you hand in the bowl and check if it's up to your liking. I'm more than sure many of you bought ready made sugar scrubs and they always smell lovely, but you can be sure that the ingredients are not organic.

Here it is

I know what you are all thinking. It doesn't look nice, but believe me you skin will be so smooth and soft. So you better try it.

Now I'm glad thet we have Costa coffee in work, because I can get ground coffee from them. You can ask in any coffee shop if they have any used coffee grounds for your flowers;-)

Soon enough I will share with you how to make home made coffee cellulite mask for you thighs.


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