Monday, 15 December 2014

Recycling my "Happiness" canvas:-)

Hiya All,

As you can see I've found some time for my little DIY projects a home. I know the xmas are coming and the fact that I'll be off from the 19th..... well I'm thinking of doing even more! 

Today I want to show you what I did with my latest DIY canvas (I decided I actually didn't like it!).  I bought a while ago few different materials in IKEA. I've had few canvas at home that I actually didn't use or they were too old and they didn't really work with my new colour scheme. 
The easiest way is to recycle what you have. It might be time consuming, but with a little money you can achieve something that is up to your liking. 

So lets move on to my not so fancy "Happiness is a choice canvas". I decided I don't like it. To be honest that's it. That was the only reason.

What I used for my DIY project:-

- old canvas
- stapler gun
- scissors
- paper
- tape

First things first, you need to have an old canvas that you don't like. Wooded frame at the back is handy, otherwise you couldn't use stapler gun.

Make sure to measure how much material do you need. It would be good to iron it first;-)

I could see my happiness sign, therefore I used paper to cover it and get rid of unwanted background.

Now I could start my DIY:-)

The worst are corners. I used to pack all the xmas presents so I wasn't afraid that I'll make a mess of it. But make sure to wrap corners as tight as you can. Otherwise it's not going to look good. I think this is the hardest bit, the rest goes much easier.

Any way I tried to show you how to deal with corners.Hope it will help you guys:-)

Here is the final result:-)

Here is another tiny canvas I did:-)

What do you think about my DIY?
Happy Monday Everyone


  1. Thats really really cool! I love how you reused it!
    I will def take this idea and do that with my old pics!

    xoxo Colli // my blog - tobeyoutiful

  2. Very creative and easy to do will need to try with a canvas thanks for sharing.

  3. recycling is such a great idea love how creative you are , I'm for sure will do the same thanks for sharing your tips,

  4. You're doing well with these D.I.Ys - Very creative and lovely! :)

  5. lovely colors and look!


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