Friday, 25 January 2013

How to paint a rug

Hi Girls,

Call me crazy, but I was thinking that finding a yellow rug with white stripes will be easy. Well the fact is, that I couldn't find even one in Dublin. I came accross to posts about how to paint a rug. Believe me I was exactly the same as you: what? Are they mad!!! Why would you paint a rug??? Beside it will look awful! Any way I gave up after trying to find one so I decided it's time to try to do it myself. As suggested in many post the best base rug to use it the ERSLEV Rug from IKEA. They are easy to work with. If you mess it up you can always start again as they are reversible

Things that you need to know:
1. Make sure that you choose the right size of the rug. You can use a rug with a low nap or a flat woven, which apparently work the best. I only tested so far flat woven rug and I’m very happy with it.
2. Before you start make sure that you know what kind of pattern would you like to have on your rug. Some bloggers were sketching their pattern on the paper. It’s up to you .You should use a tape measure and measure the rug you are using and then figure out the dimensions of the pattern you are creating.
3. Some bloggers use a foam roller to distribute the paint. I used a brush, which worked well for me. But if you are painting for the first time I think you better off using a roller, as it will save you some time. Tip: Put the paint in a paint tray, roll the roller in the paint and then roll it on a paper towel before you roll it on the rug. That keeps the paint from being so liquid that it runs underneath the tape.
4. Make sure that you roll from the edge of the tape in, toward the bare rug. The same situation with the brush. That way paint shouldn’t get underneath the tape.
5. Make sure to apply more than one coat of paint. One coat won’t give you good cover.
6. Once you are done, leave the rug to dry over the night.
7. The last thing is to protect your beauty, so make sure to use fabric protector. I used Scotchgard fabric protector. To be safe, spray it first on the backside of the rug just to make sure that it doesn’t discolor your rug. Scotchgard fabric protector is available in Woodies.

I used Fleetwood external paint. The colour is really nice and contrast really well with the white stripes.

Here is the pattern. Make sure that tape sticks really well to the rug.

This is how it looks like:-)

Hope you all like it.
Good luck with your rug.


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