Sunday, 20 January 2013

How to "pimp" your bikini

Hi Girls,

As we go on holidays every year, it would be nice to have pictures with different bikini on each year! I know it doesn't make a sense to do this. It's not only will cost you a fortune but also how many days a year do you wear it??? Here is solution for you girls. You won't look at your pictures in the same bikini.

I've chosen my Victoria Secrets bikini for a small  makeover. It looks great on a tanned body, it contrast really well:-) I bought it few years ago and I cannot get rid of it, I like it too much. I was looking at my holidays pictures from Malta. I spent there great time with my girlfriends. The weather was great, we partied a lot and we tanned a lot too. Well only one small thing was painful.... I broke my little toe. Maybe some time I will tell you that story.

I don't know if you are a fan of Gok Wan, but he has a lot of good ideas. Well he has crazy ideas too, but I like to watch his shows! He makes girls to feel good in their bodies Watching his show is like free therapy. The other thing is that he talks about the shops he bought his pieces from. This is how I found JOSY ROSE. I bought from her website few different stones and silver collar.

I used acrylic stones for my bikini makeover. First make sure to that you know what you want to do with your bikini and how many stones do you need. I layer out the patter and I counted the amount of the stones I needed to make sure that I have enough.

Now I think I'm ready to go to the beach.

I'm sending you lots of love from Rio de Janeiro

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