Monday, 4 February 2013

Decoration made from branches Easter, Christmas or any occasion

Hi All,

Last Christmas I moved in with my husband to our new house. I found very quickly that I didn't have enough Christmas decorations to decorate our new house. We were very busy painting, therefore I didn't have much time to do some shopping. I had to be creative, so I found very useful material in the garden:

I came up with an idea: All I had to do is to cut few different types of branches from the back garden. I've had some leftover paint in the garage that I could use to paint the branches. I also had few decorations left. Here is what I created: easy and simple table decoration:-)

All you need to do is paint the branches whichever colour you like. I used white Fleetwood paint for Wood & Metal. Originally I wanted to buy fake snow, but it was sold out. Before the Christmas you can get spray paint in nearly every shop, which you can use as well or you can use spray paint. With a little money you can create decoration for many occasions.

Here is what you need:

- branches
- glass vase
- wooden & material decorations
- gold chain

Instead of gold chain you can use sand stones for decoration, they are available in IKEA.

Heart decorations were bought in B&Q.
Depending what the occasion is, if you want to decorate your table for Easter you can put on the bottom of the vase some colourful eggs. On the branches you can place small furry chickens. Get creative! It's so easy and it cost you nearly nothing.

Have fun!!!



  1. That’s great idea Evelina. I love it!

    1. Thanks Agnieszka. It's so easy to decorate your house with so little money. The imagination is the key.


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