Saturday, 9 February 2013

Keep calm and drink Caipiroska!!!

This is the simple recipe for a very refreshing and easy drink, that everyone will love whether you are vodka drinker or not!

Caipiroska or caipivodka became my favourite holiday drink. This is the most famous, and popular Brazilian cocktail. Caipiroska is a form of caipirinha, which is prepared with vodka instead of the usual cachaca.

So here is the recipe:-)
You need:
- 2 shots vodka (any type, it's up to your liking)
- soup spoon of sugar (white preferably but you can try with brown sugar)
- 1 lime
- ice cubes

Chop lime into 4 bits, and make few cuts on the skin of each quarter. Put the lime pieces and sugar into your glass, make sure to squash them up. Then you can use a cocktail shaker or simply another glass to shake everything up!

Viola, a lovely refreshing drink with a kick!

Enjoy it,

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